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A Woman Her Men and Her Futon

The story of a young woman finding her center.

Synopsis: Helen, a divorced, attractive twenty-something Los Angeles office worker, has just broken up with her possessive boyfriend Paul. Living beyond her means, Helen soon loses her car and her apartment, and has to move in with her friend Donald, an aspiring screenwriter. Helen helps Donald with his screenplay, while secretly writing her own. Donald introduces Helen to Max, a producer who takes an interest in her and her screenplay. Feeling cornered by Paul, Max and Donald, who also wants a relationship with her, Helen has a series of casual affairs. These flings and her past relationships end up in her screenplay, which she is successful in selling.

Genre/Type/Status: Romantic Drama / Feature Film / Completed

Cast: Jennifer Rubin, Lance Edwards, Grant Show, Michael Cerveris, Delaune Michel, and Robert Lipton

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